How long does the band need to set up their equipment?

Generally The Postmodernaires need a minimum of 1 hour to set up and sound check their stage show, however, if your event has a particularly complicated ‘get-in’ (i.e. flights of stairs etc) please let the band know at the time of booking. Pack downs after the show generally take around 1 hour, and you can rest assured that The Postmodernaires will leave the stage and dressing room as clean and tidy as we found it!

How much space does the band need?

The Postmodernaires try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to all matters of your event. With regard to stage size the same applies, however it is advisable that a space approximately 8 x 3 metres is available for the band as there are 7 members.


Wherever possible The Postmodernaires charge a standard fee. However please be aware that considerations such distance, performance time, and the time of the year can affect this price. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and receive an accurate quotation.

Band Members

Please note that due to the fact that all of our band members are professional musicians, the band line up and personal may change. However every member that joins our growing group of musicians has been hand picked to fit into The Postmodernaires Show. 

Unless previously arranged for larger events, The Postmodernaires will provide everything they need for their stage show (except for a stage), so you don’t need to worry about providing any sound or lighting equipment.

It is however a pretty standard requirement when booking any band, to provide them with food, refreshments and a dressing room for the time that they are at the venue. This is because the average working day of a gigging musician is generally around 16 hours, so any food you can provide them will fuel an even greater performance!

A dressing room is also a necessity so that the band can keep out of the way of your guests, and store any empty boxes and costumes away from the staging area. Parking for a minibus is also required.

Do the band supply their own sound and lighting equipment?

The band have a state of the art ‘EV ETX’ sound system, and also provide all of the lighting equipment required. All the band’s equipment is PAT tested for electrical safety and the band also holds public liability insurance.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch using our CONTACT page, and we’ll get back to you asap!

Do i need to provide anything for the band?